Need a few words on direction

Ok so I don't have a problem with anything in my code and my hardware, matter fact works fine as wine! Been squashing bugs and optimizing last two days. my question is I want to add a feature to my system I made, as I HAVE A LOT now coded and want this one especially. Codes pretty big and its little more than novice to advance I feel so I would like a vet on this one. Bunch of EEPROM writing and reading going on. Ill reply with code and what I'm aiming for if someone wants to reply, we'll go from there. Ill even upload the video, if I can, of the whole build assembled and working with kool little features I added. like training the damn thing to be interactive and remember user stuff while still operating.

Ok so I don't have a problem with anything in my code and my hardware, matter fact works fine as wine!

That makes it kind of hard to vet.

Someone once told me that if your code is working, you have not added enough features yet.

So, what is the "damned thing"?


Maybe have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program

If your code (which we can't see) is organised in a modular style it will be easy to add features.


my question is I want to add a feature to my system I made, as I HAVE A LOT now coded and want this one especially.

You have our permission to add a feature.

If you want any help adding that feature you're going to have to show us what you have now and it would also probably be a good idea to tell us what the new feature is supposed to do.


I compartmentalize most of my code.

get a 5110 to work save that as a tab
get a .9 OLED to work save that as a tab
get the BME2080, new tab

the tab contains the entire working structure from declare to setup() and loop()

when you create a new feature, write the entire sketch to make that one thing work, all on it's own, vet the operation
plunk that down as a tab in your larger sketch, comment out the redundant bits, call functions from setup() and from loop()

but, I'm guessing you have a lot of work done and don't need such comments.

so, you have the forum... if you need help, post what you are having issues with.

Ok, so on top of adding programming new security tags directly from my reader and NOT in the sketch. I want to know if its feasible to add a timer to the associated tag? Say after I program it i would like a prompt to maybe ask “press # or * for the yes an no” then may add like in minutes to hours the tag to expire and can no longer be used with the “master” having to delete the tag afterwards…just a self expiring tag… BTW its a total security system based on RFID and Keypad, 2FA, and powers up the unit. But i managed to cast instead of storing plain text UID’s and Password… storing to EEPROM got me programming mode from the keypad and stores them that way. i spent double the amount of time commenting the whole code out to for someone to help me. And couldn’t do it without the project HUB and other peoples examples i just coded to my own needs, cause you know no two projects are alike and it was hard to find what i wanted. spent alot time between datasheets, others making something similar (in coding terms, i took an old idea and made it better) and lots of brainstorming to get this. But I cant figure out the process to start to add “timer/countdown cancelling UIDS Tags”. Dont need help so much coding it just, where do i start kinda thing. No datasheets or examples out there on this so i wanted to know if some coder vets maybe have a trickery of coding that could accomplish that?

@themikmik, try reading your Reply #8 out loud and I bet you will see that it is almost impossible to understand. It needs to be broken up into paragraphs.

Also, several people have taken the time and trouble to give you comments and you seem to have completely ignored them. That does not encourage people to help you.


Take a breath, read the forum guidelines and post again with all the required information in the required format. Give a brief and structured overview. Simple things like code, schematics, diagrams etc can be useful as others don't have in their head what you have in yours and are unlikely to get there on words alone

Ok sorry for the other weird posts, I think I solved my problem with that. was signing me out before I could finish typing with no warning and when I hit submit it would just spin and go to error or log-in now. I lost all i typed three times before I realized what it was doing by looking top right and seeing the "sign in" in grey waiting to be clicked. So I was mashing and hurry as I seem to have bout 30sec to 1min before it was doing it.. My wife was even like "wth you doing you're going to break your keyboard".

Any way here is the code Im working on now. I want to add an option after the part of accepting user made code after adding new card that asks the user to want to add an expire tag feature in maybe mins or hrs. Making the menu isn't the question, I didnt know even after reading the datasheets and googling if thats a thing? Im adding to this program now and you wont see it as i work in "TEST" and "FINAL" formats, this attached to next post is the TEST one to not lose and ruin work. But Im done making the "calculatorMode" the user can use for simple quick math by pushing "*" while in "normalMode" and working on "alarmMode" with on screen timer and countdown/up user readouts by pushing "#" in "normalMode". So I dont need help making the menus or kicking into different modes. Just no clue to make "expireMode" or something to throw the tags off the system and delete the user passcode.. Was trying to model it after the master tag "programMode" style I have but that uses my previous method of master user doing it any way, want syustem to expire a timer of sorts. Was thinking maybe the RTC can play into an event with with an alarm but couldn't see how to trigger an EEPROM entry delete and then respond with an LCD "Session Expired" type of deal.

I also just got done making "nightMode" which is dimmer knob on the I2C pack of LCD and status light toggle On/Off with "A" and OLED On/Off with "B" & "C".

This is for niece and nephews bc my sister is weird bout their usages. O and no more wire into PC PSU stand by and 5V rails as it played weird with suspend and resume and bypassed by plugging in the PSU in weird fashion and power on PC and weird issues with shut down. So built a 9V DC power supply and ran 12ft cord (just incase need to run that far) barrel jack connector from the Arduino.

Picture of My RFID "Good" tag, test "bad" tag, and the master "programming" tag to add users and RFID/passcodes on my keychain. Cant Upload video of functioning, everything works fine. Just thought she liked the feature of not getting them and it booting them off from logging in even. This alsom doubles as theyre shared video schooling too as why timing and sharing and "kicking them off" is all wanted. Im thinking the coders can just look and read what features i already have in it.

Ok...Just tried to post code and Picture and says code exceeds 9000 characters and wont let me post it and Picture is unknown error contact Administrator..

What ever pic resized even tho I did have it under 2MB, here’s the text file of the code. Even beginning to void setup was over the limit and the my void loop was over even over limit so no posting in two posts.

ComputerSecurity.txt (61.7 KB)