need a help

Hi everyone
I want to enter three 3 number with keyboard from nextion and send it to arduino this numbers are (t11,t21,t31 in nextion file other page and number t12,t22,t32 are not intersting ) when i receive them in arduino i want to display them in serial monitor
I have two ways to send them
-if i click in button «start » i send them as number
-if i click in button «b1» i send them as text
My problem is i can’t display these numbers in serial monitor
So please test my program and my nextion file (juste page 1 where they are this numbers and buttons )
And if you can display the value of these numbers in serial monitor its mean i have a problem in my serial monitor (in if (serial1.available()) in this cae please tell me what i need to do to resolve the problem
In other case if you cant display this numbers its mean i need to complete this program so i need your help
Tanks a lot

programfinal2.ino (2.7 KB)

Hi can you post you videos using the code tags . Impossible to view on a phone !

Why did you choose a completely unconventional way to use millis() and not document it? Does it even work?

    if(asyncDelay > (4294967295-delayLength)){

Did you read the millis() documentation?

If you look at my tutorial using Nextion displays with Arduino you will see I included an example of a simple calculator. The calculator sends values from key presses on the Nextion to the Arduino, which does the maths and sends the results back. I imagine that you can adapt that to what you want.

How can i send my file.HMI here

Put it in a zip file and upload that.

here is it (314 KB)

where can i find your tutorial

send me the link please

At the top of the displays section of the forum.