need a humidity sensor for my mushroom fruiting chamber

Hello I am in the process of trying to find a humidity sensor for my mushroom fruiting chamber. I have tried a dht22 which works for a short time and then gets stuck at 99.9 percent. I think this is due to the condensing environment as I am running the humidifiers to get near 100 percent humidity. I searched around the forum but did not see this issue represented. Using an uno to control the rest of the environment (lights, temp, fans etc, and am currently running the humidifiers on a timer methodology but would rather control them based on humidity.

Does anyone know of a sensor that might work better than the dht22. It would be a plus if it is relatively easy to use and inexpensive.

Thanks if you could help


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100% means you are below or around dew point....

if you would measure the temperature e.g. 45C
and you would have a probe you can cool e.g. with a peltier element,
and you could detect the vapour condensing on the probe (resistance change?)
then the probe would be at the dewpoint temperature.

From the dewpoint you could reverse calculate (lookup) the humidity.