need a little halp with the esp8266

hey everyone (-:
its my first post in this forum

i have some electronics and programming experience . but still pretty new to this world.

ok about the esp now …

i was able to make it work and response to AT commands using only the esp8266 and FTDI using the arduino ide

but when i tried to do this using arduino nano serial for communication with the esp, and software serial for debuging , i only get garbeg on the screen , and its not response to any commands , even when i change the baud rate.

i’v been trying lot of connections and software variations and still no luck :-/

ill post here the code , the connections and the garbeg that i get

can someone please halp me with this ? :slight_smile:


Hi ofer221

It is hard to see from the picture of your hardware, but it looks like you have the ESP8266 connected to the HV (high voltage, 5V) side of the level converter and the Nano connected to the LV (low voltage, 3.3V) side. Check all this wiring first. You need 3.3V signals to the ESP8266 and 5V to the Nano.

Please post your program code as text, not as a screenshot. Put it in code tags using the </> button on the toolbar. This makes it much easier for people to review it.