Need a little help understanding my error

Hey all, I wrote the is bunch of code last year to run a haloween anamatronic skull and play some sound effects. It was all working last year when I put it away but now this year I was hoping to get some time to clean it up and add a few things. I have my source that I compiled from last year and the code in the 2560 is still working when I plug it in. However when I try to compile the same original source code from last fall I get an error to do with the Wave player and servo control. I don't understand because I used it last year and did not change anything that I am aware of. It may be telling me what I need to know but I just cannot see it. It looks like Function_vector_17 is used in more than one routine but I cannot figure out how to debug it.

the error I get upon compile is waveHC\ In Function 'vector_17' D:\Development\arduino-0021\libraries\ multiple definitian of 'vector_17' VarSpeedServo\\Development\arduino-0021\libraries\ first defined here

Can you help a guy figure out what I cannot see?

Nevermind ! I remebered after studying the code that I could not use the Wave shield while I was using the servo controls for my servos. I had writen the code without the Wave player and a copy with it and I used the copy without for my display.

Thanks anyway.


I'd be more worried that your compiler can't spell 'definition'