Need a New Programmer

My Pocket AVR died a while back. I've been using a NANO with Arduino as ISP since then. But I really want to get a proper programmer. Something that works well with Linux, the Pocket AVR didn't. But I want to keep it relatively cheap. Nothing brand name if you know what I mean.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Microchip was (is?) running a sale on their mother-of-all-programmers. I believe it was about $140 at the sale price. Too much?

I haven't used it with Linux but I own all the common programmers and the USBasp is my favorite by far. The stock firmware is good for most uses and there is an updated firmware available that solves the only limitation I've found. I'm sure I would have heard by now if there was a problem with USBasp and Linux.

Actually it's $130 regular price for the Atmel ICE kit, $65 with the 50% sale that's on until Feb 28th. If all you want it for is an AVR programmer the $2 USBasp is probably a much better value.

The USBasp works for me excellent with Linux and Windows. It is cheap and small.

Make one with a ZIF socket?

Here's a programmer that loads a number-selected hex file from SD via ICSP header, all built for under $50.

Or make a ZIF socket with 6 wire DuPont cable to plug into one of those? Ooh hoo hoo?

They are custom versions of Nick Gammon's Uploader made in a software-hardware collaboration.

You can DIY a micro-SD adapter that's better for the SD card than the cheap modules that voltage-level badly.