hiii :grinning: .im in need of help as my SEM project is coming within a week.My roject is about reducing car accident which is caused by distracted driver.My ideas is we want to put 3 ultrasonic sensor at the headrest,the right ,left and at center of headrest.So,if the driver was drowsy or sleepy while driving,and his head went to left or right or toward the steering wheel,the ultrasonic will produce sound by buzzer.And,the buzzer cannot be turned off untill the driver stop the car and change with other person to drive or he get a rest.So,what do u think about this idea?Do u know how to make it?plzz.i need a reply ASAP.thxxx u very much. :-[

Hi emillia,

Sometimes my neck gets stiff while driving a long haul. If my vehicle stopped or buzzed annoyingly if I moved my head in such a way to stretch my neck I would sue the manufacturer of the device that did that.

On the other hand, if I was reading an internet article about such a device, and the sentences were not separated by spaces, I would assume that I could safely ignore anything said in that article.

Actually, most drivers would figure out how to stick tape or "Blu-tack" over the sensors.

thx for the opinion.can i ask other question?do u know how to connect 3 ultrasonic sensor+buzzer in one arduino uno?i also dont know the coding.plz anyone :slight_smile:

do u know how to connect 3 ultrasonic sensor+buzzer in one arduino uno?i

Yes. You use 6 pins.

also dont know the coding

Which part of the project are YOU doing?

Would it not be better to make a system that uses distraction to get the focus on the road?

e.g. Project LED blips on the front screen and the mirrors so the driver sees them in the corner of his eye.
Then he want to check them automatically.

Well, you'd start by getting one ultrasonic sensor, working out how it talks to the arduino,

my SEM project is coming within a week.

Oh. You're pretty hosed, man.