Need a program to get values from the microphone

Hello guys I got a arduino nano 33 ble sense and I am new with it, i was wondering if you could help me and send me a print of the code where i can get the values of microphone noise with a variable and then represent it on the graph.
Thanks for your help and I know this might sound a dumb question cause I have seen I can use PMD but I really don't know how to work with it.
The true objective of the project is to get a diferent color on the LED everytime I got a certain value from de microphone, I already got the part of the LED done but I can't do the microphone part.
Thank you in advance

There's too little information here. Define "noise".

Maybe you need to define the project better.

What property of the noise causes changes to the LED? Is it the amplitude, the frequency content, the duration of the noise or what?

Do you have the microphone? Can you post a data sheet or link to where you got it?

micro-controllers used on arduinos are not designed to sample and capture audio.

you could build a circuit using precision rectifiers to measure audio intensity, filter the input for specific frequencies, capture the output using a low-pass filter and measure the DC output using the low speed ADCs on the arduino

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