Need a project built, no experience

Hi everyone, not sure if this is allowed, or how to contact people about building a project for me. EDIT Located in Wyoming, USA**)
I have a store, and I need a system built that will alert when someone comes in the door (chime, buzzer, etc.) AND also light a couple lights when that happens, in another part of the store (its loud and sometimes if you are not right there, you can't hear it so a light would be awesome) as a 3rd requirement a push button at the drive-through window that does the same (chime or buzzer, and lights.) I have never done any projects with anything like this, so I would just like to buy the parts and pay for the finished product, including payment for your knowledge and time.

Email with proposal, and/or questions about the project, or how I should proceed to:


Just sent you e-mail - please check - hope you get it, Hotmail is unreliable, it likes to eat my mails.