Need a project

Well, it looks like I’m going to be snowed in for the weekend!

I’m looking to make a little (hopefully Arduino-related) project over the weekend to keep me occupied (as we may lost power as well! :O).

I was planning a trip to Radio Shack, so if anyone has any ideas that’d be great.

Obviously, I’ll pick up some stripboard to build it on, I’ve got solder and a soldering iron, and various components such as resistors, transistors, LEDs (and LED matrices), etc.

I’ve also got quite a few male / female headers.

Be creative (but preferably <$20)! ;D

build a flip flop out of transistors

build a flip flop out of transistors

But then all I could do was say “Hey look, it’s storing one bit of memory! me…it is!” haha

Anything else? (I was think a bit more complex) ;D

ive built one out of sheer ignorance with no schematic, it wasn’t exactly easy :smiley:

i dunno, get a toy to hack up or something


I can’t find any toys that look like any fun to interface to the Arduino, but I’m still looking. I’m checking Make weekend projects too :).

Recreate the original hand held football game. You know the one with just a bunch of LEDs on it.

You should have the electronics lying around for that. The code is the only hard part.

I will be playing with my led matrices this weekend (actually finishing up wiring and start on some software) , and since you tiped me off on those I know you have a few

so digimike’s suggestion is not really a bad one :slight_smile:

True. Just don’t have enough momentary switches (Doh!). I can improvise :).

LED cube :slight_smile:

LED cube

A massive one! It’d keep you entertained for hours.

Or you could write an arduino related article :wink:


I went to radioshack yesterday and picked up a 4700uF cap along with a LM317T ( or something like that) adjustable voltage regulator. I’ve been having a surprising amount of fun with them haha.

I’ll try to think of somethint to write an article on too!