Need a Quote

I am looking to get a quote to have someone write some code for me. I have been trying for weeks to get something working and I have no understanding what so ever what I am doing. and when I ask for help I feel like an idiot because the help I receive I cannot implement it because I dont know how.
I am trying to make lighting system to street legal a utv. I want to use a 144 LED strip of neo pixels for the rear. it will need to have 4-5 inputs Left turn, Right turn, stop light parking light and hazard (can be a combo of left and right turn rather than another input. ) The outputs need to be
dim red for parking light
bright red for brake
scrolling yellow for the turn signals/hazzards 20 leds on each end of the strip.
The lights need to function like a vehicle so stop needs to work with parking lights active and turn signals need to function with the stop light active.
I started copying some code together that I thought was going to be it. the problem I ran into was I used a web app to make patterns in PROGMEM and it took a pile of data so to fix that I ordered a MEGA 2560, but anything over 64k PROGMEM doesnt work. I attached the code that almost had everything working except
I didnt have room for a pattern to have hazards on with stop.

TurnV9.5.ino (194 KB)

That should easily fit on a regular Arduino. >64kB of data tells me something is very wrong with what you're doing.

There most likely is something wrong with how I did this. It's because I dont fully understand what I am doing. I found a web app that makes patterns so I made an individual pattern for each item I need but the patterns take a lot of memory.

You normally calculate patterns on the fly.
Or do store a program for one LED, and have the rest follow with a delay (of a number of steps).

I have received the help I need. Thank you for the quotes.