Need a REAL coder! GV to make calls or texts.

Ok so I am not speaking about this Google Voice shield that allows you to talk to a compute! I want to know can someone develop a shield that allows you to use your Internet connection to login to a google voice account i.g. a Internet phone account to place calls and text. This could save on the GSM shield and activating a prepaid sim card if wifi or Ethernet are readily accessible.

Good idea? Bad idea? Give me some feedback. I know one of you out there can figure this out if you can use twitter to TRX.

Pretty much all google services now require TLS/SSL to connect. You may be able to implement this on the Due, however it is probably impossible to do on an AVR.

As you want a shield, you could really put any processor you like to handle the connections and communication. And the shield could provide a simple to use interface for an AVR.