Need a recommendation for a light/rain sensor for adding auto sensing to my car

Hi all!

I'd like to add a rain and light sensor to my windscreen to be able to tell an Arduino whether the lights should be on or the wipers going fast or slow.

I know there is a Hella sensor that does this but it works on LIN bus from my knowledge and I'm not sure whether I'd be able to translate what it's saying (if anyone is able then I'd be interested to know). Has anyone else tried this? Do you have any recommended sensor to use that would work well here?


Most of the car ones will be lin bus I’m afraid .
I have one too, but haven’t spent any time on it yet to sort out the connections or the bus .

Driving buses equipped with rain sensor instead if the old intervall wiper controll I say they work during some conditions but too often they don't make any driver satisfied.

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