need a suggestion for a laptop switch hack

Greetings All,

I have an older laptop here with a busted screen hinge and a bum battery that operates as a server here at the house. Does a bunch of things for me and has an arduino plugged in full time that monitors my heating system. Problem is I want it on all the time, and if the power goes out, that's fine, I can live w/o it for that time, but when the power comes back on I really don't want to have to go hit the power button on the laptop (yeah, I'm lazy). I can hack the switch easily enough but I'm looking for the easiest circuit possible just to momentarily close that switch when the power comes on. I guess the easiest is probably to just do it w/the arduino itself, but I'd rather have something separate from that if possible. Any creative, outside the litter box ideas?


Did you check the BIOS for the laptop? Usually there is a power setting on what to do after power failure. such luck. I've rarely seen that option on a laptop, more on servers. I guess that's what I guess for using a laptop as a server :slight_smile: any other thoughts?

Can you update the BIOS to have such a feature?

Doubtful. The BIOS is from Pheonix and I already have the latest, which is years old. I checked out coreboot but my board isn't listed as supported and I don't want to brick the MB.