Need a Wireless Receiver/Transmitter at 916.5MHz

Hey everyone;

I need a Wireless receiver/transmitter using the C1101 chipset at a frequency of 916.5MHz that will work with the Arduino. I would hope someone has one, if not how much would it cost to get a couple made.


Why not the normal 915 MHz ? I think that frequency is legal in the US and Canada and latin-america. It is a band of 902.000 MHz to 928.000 MHz.

If you try doing a google search, you will find many companies that already sell
such devices.

I have a 915MHz, how do you code it to select the frequency I need? I have tried shopping ebay for the specific frequency and asking some vendors in China and they say they can't do it.

I have a 915MHz, how do you code it

You have to be a little more specific. You have a board? You have a chip?
What exactly do you have?

To find out how to use things, the first thing to do is get the datasheet.

I have a Wireless RF Transeiver Module 915MHz CC1101. You can see the module on ebay at:

I haven't used this type of module before, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


A complete module will be easy to interface and code. When hooking up, first check if you need 5V-to-3.3V level-shifters, and whether the Arduino board you have can provide enough power [some boards can provide only 50mA at 3.3V]. Look at the link Erdin gave.

Check these out.

"902 to 928 MHz, software selectable...."

There is also lot of stuff on the Xbee modules in these forums.

Okay...just got my 915Mhz module and trying to just get it working. I have tried the ELECHOUSE_cc1101 examples and I can't get them working. I have done so many searches with no luck. Does anyone have any libraries and code that works with this module?

All help would be appreciated.

Define "no luck".

The Elechouse lib do not compile in V1.0 or V1.4 they come up with serial.write() error. I have tried to fix it, but can't get it working. When I do the search you recommend, a lot of them refer back to this code, and are dated 4-5 years ago or references to older modules. I'm just trying to get this one working, and I'm no experct on this type of coding.

I see. I have two CC1101 modules, but have not yet used them. I can't find a good up-to-date library. The Stream library uses "send" and "receive" before. You can change that into "write" and "read".

The panstamp seems to be the alternative,