[need advice] Art installation with motion sensor

Hello, I have very basic knowledge of Arduino, everything is ready and working well, but I need to make sure that the installation can run with no problems for at least 2-3 weeks without my presence. How can you customize the installation, which uses a cheap arduino and a motion sensor, so that it does not fail throughout the entire exhibition? what aspects i should take into account? thank you

Reliable power supply.

If anything could possibly move, quality wiring (solder or crimps / not breadboard).

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And if you have any variables which are just going to get bigger and bigger over the time (counters, say), make sure you have declared them as types which are big enough to hold the maximum values you anticipate without a re-start.

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Hide all control buttons.


Run it for 2-3 weeks in your presence before the exhibition. If it fails during that time, you will learn more than you can from asking us about possible failures. If it does fail and you need advice from the forum on how to fix something specific, then you will probably get some very specific and practical suggestions.

If you do not have 2-3 weeks before the exhibition begins, then I'm sure you don't need to hear the advice I would give, you probably learned that lesson already.

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The correct datatype for micros and millis is always unsigned long.

The correct way to measure elapsed time is always subtraction.

Stay away from interrupts.

Keep an eye out for unbounded loops, counters, indexes.

Keep an eye out for overruns.

Test both sides of every branch.


Add a watchdog timer.

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