need advice for robotic car

Hello everyone~

I'm trying to build a line following car with Arduino, did a lot of research, got some ideas, but want to make sure I'm doing the right thing before buying the components.

Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 28x45mm, 4.5V, 670mA
L293D motor driver integrated circuit
HD-1705MG high-speed mini servo
Arduino board
Color sensor
and wheel etc (the rest of them aren't important i guess?)

The stepper motor is use to move the car, and then use the L293D motor driver to control the motor, move/stop.

The mini servo is used for steering, but I don't know how to control it, is there a library that we can use to do it? for example: turning 10 degrees, 30 degrees, depending on the line we draw on the floor.

color sensor, is used to check the color on the floor, so the car can follow the path we made, which sensor I should use?

what kind of battery is better? AA? AAA? or?

Am I choosing the correct components for making a robotic car? Will this motor be too strong for a small car? (size isn't fixed, but won't be big), please tell me if I made any mistake.

Do not use a stepper motor. It is had to control and you do not need the level of control you have over a stepper.
Use a standard DC motor or modified servo's.
I build my first robot with this site (not using their pic but a Arduino). Advantages? It focuses on cheap and explains the whole process.

Good luck

Hi Jantje

Thanks for your help, I read the link you post, it is good, it has everything I need.
I will change it to a standard DC motor instead. I will order everything, and start trying~ :slight_smile: