Need Advice on powering 17 servos MG996R

Hi guys

I am totally newbie when it comes to general electronics hence why I have seek support from here.

I am building a Robot , Humanoid to be exact:

Using MG 996R 6V servos , times that by 17 = 102 Volt that I would require to power my Humanoid.

my logic from programming states something is not Wright here as you surely don't need a 102V battery pack. my own house supply 240v. Any help / links would be very much appreciated

Using MG 996R 6V servos , times that by 17 = 102 Volt

No it is not. Using 17 servos at 6V per servo will take 6V, you wire them in parallel across a 6V supply. It is the current that adds up. How much current is each servo going to take, that is what you have to supply at 6V.

I'd look at RC LiPo batteries. Lightweight, powerful, and cheap if you buy them from China. Just be sure to charge them properly and employ a low voltage cutoff (LVC) of some type to prevent over discharge. If your robot is only running those servos you probably don't need anything more than a 20C battery.

You may also look in to "HV" type servos, which are designed to be run directly from a 2 cell LiPo with no regulator.

Thank you for your advised