Need advices to feed a 2wd Car Robot

it’s my first 2wd car project : Obstacle avoidance

my only problem is to validate the attached powring schema, i need to power all component with 9V battery (6*1.5 AAA)

So my first question :
1- the plan attached it’s Ok ?
2- I’v searched many L298N references, and there is one issue still not clear to me :
a- is it needed to connect 5V Arduino Port with 5V in L298N ?
b- in which case we connect 5v in l298n with Vin port in Arduino

3- in order to power a ServoMotor with external power (Not from Arduino) i’ve use a voltage reduction with 2 resistor, the output of those resistor is given by : Vout = Vin * (R1/R1+R2)
there will be any problem with ths idea ? (i’ve never seen it before)

Many thanks

You can’t use a 2-resistor voltage divider to provide power to anything like a servo. It does not maintain a steady voltage. You need a DC-DC voltage converter.

The answer to 2 depends on exactly which L298N board you are using.


Hi, thank you fro your response.
for the L298N model, you will find attached the model

and for the voltage divider, to maintain the voltage, can i use a Voltage regulator ?

SOrry, attached the L298N Model used

Any Help Please ?

Yes you can use a voltage regulator instead of the 2-resistor divider but be careful to get a high enough current rating.

I would guess that L298N board needs 5V supplied to it but since there’s no documentation or specification that I can find it’s only a guess.