Need advise for a drone


Well, i have the intention to make a drone this summer, somekind of a plane, and i started looking for electronic components that could fit in.

I always had this problem of digital <-> analog signal conversion problem, now that i found arduino, i think the problem is kinda sorted.

The problem now, is that i’m looking for an arduino board that can manage so much signals (input and output), cause i need so much measure and control equipements linked in this board, for example:

  • Between 5 and 7 brushless motors, that have almost the same power, but managed differently, 3 max should be operating in the same time (can switch to 5 in case of high instability for about 45 seconds)
  • 1 accelerometer
  • 4 servos
  • 2 rockets salvas (i don’t understand how it works for the moment
  • A semi automatic gun
  • A digital Compass
  • A GPS
  • A transmitter so that i can control it from my computer

Do you think i can connect all that on an Arduino Board, the Arduino Mega for example

I will also need another board to recieve the transmission from the primary board, but, is there any module or “shield” to provide long range transmission? Something like 1km?

I have some other questions, but i will wait a little…

Thank you in advance

?A semi automatic gun

You’re kidding right?
I can’t think of anywhere this would be legal.

What is a “rocket salvas” ?

No i’m not

This is a link where you can see the semi automatic gun :

(It is in french, but i’m sure you can understand the idea just by seeing photos)

And the rocket salva, it is a battery of small plastic rocket that can be fired, but don’t go very far, about 3 or 4 meters maximum

check out ardro-pilot

5 mortars for what?
you might want to add more sensors like airspeed, gyros, imu
what are you going to shoot?

Did you check out this :

Well,i admit that i didn’t think about the Arduino pilot, that seems to be something very good.

Your links helped me, now i have to reput together all of my ideas.

Basically, i will be shooting nothing, but if a friend of mine accept, we will be doing some Air Combat.

The motors, i will need 3 motors for Hover mode and little movements in order to get some altitude, and then the 2 rear hover motors will switch to a horizontal state to help start the cruizer mode, where 2 other motors (maybe thermal motors) take the job of propulsion, but still not sure about that, it is not a definitive idea.

the auto pilot has a shield that adds gps and piedo tube