need an advice with a tiny tracker string

Hello all,

Im using a tiny tracker in my project but i dont know how to use the tiny tracker strings to be as a locator. im using an Arduino uno + ethernet shiled as a device and also i have to track the location of the device using a tinay tracker. the question is i dont know how to use the strings of the tiny tracker!!!

if anyone knows how to handel this problem please help me with any advices or send me some website that deal with this issue and it would be appreciated


Perhaps you should read the manual for this "tiny tracker" (whatever that is) and do what it says,

Please post your code, describe what you expected and describe what you got. And as TeslaFan pointed out a reference to the datasheets (or shops) of used sensors/devices etc is very handy.

Perhaps you’re meant to tie the string to your finger, so you don’t lose it.

The Tiny Tracker outputs position data in NMEA format. Typical output looks like this:

$GPGGA,013548.94,4743.4722,N,12210.8159,W,1,07,1.9,00091,M,,,,*30 $GPRMC,225446,a,4916.45,n,12311.12,w,0.5,54.7,191194,20.3,E*68

These are the most often used navigation sentences. The individual fields are comma separated. The '*' symbol is also a field separator. the two characters following it are the value of the sentence checksum.

You will need to parse (split) the fields to get the position data.

Google is your friend here! Try googling 'nmea 0183' (no quotes). There are plenty of references there. HINT: You can write a parser for these sentences using C++ split method.

Hope this helps.


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