need an alarm scanner programming

hi I have alarm with a scanner like mini knight what I am wanting to do is make it scan faster when people go near the car and thenreturn to normal when they go awa can anyone help

If I understand it right, you have a strip light (called mini Knight, as in installed in a prominent area and if someone comes close to the car, you want to make it go faster. The strip light when powered on, will sequentially light up the LEDs at a certain frequency using a tiny controller built into it.

If that is the case, then there are two problems need to be solved:

  1. How would you change the behaviour of the built-in controller.
  2. How would you sense someone is near the car.

The 1st problem may be difficult to solve. For the 2nd problem you obviously need some kind of proximity sensor (look at if you are in US). But then how many? The one at sparkfun is $14 and only covers a small area. The car is a big thing! In case you are an expert in image processing, you may go the USB camera route and forget about the sensors.

Once you solve these two, the rest should be routine work.