Need an over view for this 2 Channel RF Wireless C

Hello I got this Controller off ebay

I’m new to this and I dont really understand some things like the ABCABC and what dose Normally Closed and Normally Open mean? Also it says it takes 12 volts dose this mean it can run on up to 12 volts or it musts have 12 volts? would i be able to run it off a 9 volt?
The power running through the relays, can it be any voltage? As low as 5v? and or up to 12v
I plan to use it with an Arduino to make a robot, so if any one haves some info or a nice diagram that can be posted that would be nice. Im looking for something that shows “inputs” “Outputs” and “volts”

her is one more link to see what it is:

Thank you for your time

The ABC are the three contact of the relay, one was common, Normally Closed and Normally Open. The common to NC contact was when the relay not activated, these two contact was closed circuit. and the common to NO contact was normally open circuit.

I think the circuit was operate on 12V only. As for the relay contact can operate on any voltage up to 125V 3Amps.

What are you using this 2 Ch remote control for? Fwd / Rev of your robot? or speed of robot?

Do a google search on changeover relays, I just tried it and the very first link had a good explanation of the terms used for the different types of relay operation. That will explain the ABCABC, Normally Closed/Normally Open part of your question.

The answers to the questions are really too long to fit into a few words on this forum without having some prior knowledge, so have a good read about relays and then ask more questions and it will be much easier to fill in the gaps in what you need to know.

For the rest of it, after a quick glance at the specs it seems that the board does need 12v to operate correctly.

The relays will switch up to 12 volts on & off and I suspect much higher voltages as well but I have not confirmed this so don’t try putting mains voltages through the contacts without reading the manufacturers specification sheet first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: oops, beaten to the post by someone else while I was typing. Yes the relay contact voltage is 125v ac and 14v dc

Thank you for your help but some one showed me this pics from another forum and it really helped me so im going to post it here.


As far as what im using it for, well i really just seen it on ebay and thought it was cool so i got it. But i have given it some thought now that i see how it works and i think what i will do is us it with my arduino Servos for my cams. When i go to work on it will with post my work in the “Work Shop” Forum on this site. just search

“Arduino wireless Surveillance Servos”

Im going to use the Wireless RF to power 2 motorized potentiometer.

The goal is to make my pan and tilt wireless here is a link to see what i have going," i had trubble with the arduino getting hot but you can take a look at the pics to see it. The potentiometers in the pics are no motorized. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you