Need an RF Modem

Hey all.

So, I've built a few successful projects using nRF24L01 and RFM69 radios. They involved bursty, packet-oriented transmission.

Now I have a need for an RF Modem to replace wire in a UART-to-UART system. Looking for recommendations on such a beast. Ideally, it would handle 115200 baud over modest distance ~20ft.

The short distance brings BlueTooth to mind. I've seen various posts involving HC-05 modules, but don't know much about them. Most of those projects involved communication to/from a mobile phone. Will these things act as simple module-to-module modems?

Any info or alternate suggestions appreciated.


Yes, and 115200 is fine. A good source is


Consider also the Pololu Wixel, which will do what you want but also offers a full featured processor, with plenty of I/O on the same PCB.