Need Assistance concerning charging and accelerometer

I have a project I would dearly like to complete. Essentially it involves a sensor, in this case a ADXL345 and a Arduino along with a lipo charging break-out board and a 3.3V step down...

I need to know should I be using a diode to gate the flow or am I missing something?

I would like to upload a picture...trying.

IN FACT, maybe I should explain the preferred outcome?

I would like to have a single USB connection to this device that would allow me to program it, or charge is a picture of what I have, but it seems to me I have an error. IN fact the more I look at it the more I know I have made a mistake.

I want to charge via USB, I could use OTA to make adjustments, so I could sacrifice the communication if needed. I was thinking diode but now I am thinking removal of the 5V wire between the MC and the Charge circuit.

Please read the above, we need to know more to be able to help

What do you need to know? I can give you all the information I have but it will be long and wordy.

Essentially I wanted to know if I may have a wiring fault according to my, admittedly, very rudimentary schematic. The more I look at it the more I think I goofed in basic wiring on that 5V rail from the Charging circuit. I will test as soon as I have a chance...

I am really good at what I am good at, and quick to learn other things, but this particular layout is new to me and I am trying to get a good understanding of how that charging circuit integrates with the MC and the step down because I will be using it with ever build I make going forward...well that is, if it works as I intend. The datasheet for it suggests that it here is hoping.


Sadly the signal to noise ratio in your posts is very low.

As a starting point what are you trying to achieve?

and from the above link -

So make it compact and informative.

After working though my 5V rail not being needed at all, I discovered that I was working with a faulty adafruit v1 lipo charging board. So I grabbed another, it was also faulty. I am gonna assume that it was a run off problem because I grabbed a version 1.2 from the spare parts bin and it worked perfectly the first time. So after grabbing the magnifier and looking at the faulty boards I discovered some really crappy soldering from the manufacturer. In fact when I cleaned the blob up and got the two connections being two connections instead of one these boards are now also working.

So, it was two issues. I have switched to a Adafruit Huzzah32 which has it's own step down, charger and lipo connections, a little more for the single thing but will save money in the long run because I won't have to buy 3 things and assemble.

I know you were unable to really speak to any particular aspect of my project, sometimes we just need a sounding board, such as it is.

Thanks for your time. I believe I am good.

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