$$$$ Need Assistance designing circuit and writing program $$$$


We are looking for someone to design a circuit, wiring diagram, bill of materials and write the code for the following fairly basic project.

Please post any questions and pricing estimates here or PM me with them. We can pay by PayPal.

Excuse my terminology if it is not 100% correct as I am not an electronics person.

We have a NEMA 23 Stepper motor and driver (see links below). These are the only two components we have purchased.

Basic operation:

Each time a button is pressed and released (momentary button - I think it's called) a stepper motor will make exactly 7 full counter clockwise revolutions and stop. At this point it is ready for the button to be pressed again for another 7 revolution cycle. (This will be repeated about 100-150 times per hour for 3-4 hours per day).

~ 2nd button for emergency stop.

~ If there is a way to "Home" the stepper motor after an e-stop that would be great, but can use the following button(s) to Home it also.

~ 3rd button for manual stepping the motor clockwise

~ 4th button for manual stepping the motor counter clockwise

~ 3rd and 4th buttons can be combined if there is a 3-way type switch that will work to pulse the motor in both directions.

~ All buttons will be mounted in an enclosure by the motor.

~ The board, power supply, driver and any other components will be mounted in their own enclosure which will need an on/off power switch.

** Expandable to possibly add up to 5 more identical stepper motors/drivers to run simultaneous with the first motor run by the same button as the first. Same e-stop button. Separate Homing buttons for each.

Stepper Motor: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PNEPW4C

Driver: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DFSF9GE

Thanks in advance!


Hi Randy,

That seems pretty straightforward. See my PM for details.

You'll be drawing quite a lot of Watts, though. You'd better make sure you can power them all.