Need basic programming and design help. WILLING TO PAY FOR EXPERT HELP


I am looking to use my Arduino as a basic controller for a camera system I am working on. I am new to this and purchased the SparkFun Inventor's kit and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the Arduino however I need to make a controller for a camera system I am working on for a customer and I can not afford to have it fail because I missed something simple, I need expert help. I also want to learn from the expert.

Here is what it needs to do. I am controlling 4 cameras that turn on/off when they receive a 12v pulse. First pulse turns cam on second pulse turns cam off.

I have a switch panel with 4 toggle switches. The goal is to send a pulse to the respective cam when the switch is turned on and then send a second pulse when the switch is turned off.

There is a 5th toggle switch that when switched on needs to send a pulse to all 4 cams at once and close a relay at the same time for a given period of time ~5 seconds and then open the relay.

I have managed to get a basic proof of concept working based off of the "Change Detection" example. However, I need to get a fully functioning proof of concept done ASAP. I also need to have the design made into a PCB and I need help taking it from the breadboard to a PCB manufacturer.

If possible I would like to work start working on this today. We have about 3 weeks to get a fully functioning PCB.

Please call or email if you can help., 479-684-8346

I have just survived a " has to be working in 3 weeks project " everyone told me it was impossible.

OK it was a much bigger challenge than yours, but you know what ?

Everyone was right, it took 5 weeks and a lot of blood pressure pills...