need basic wifi shield understanding

Hi Im new to both arduino and this forum, anyway im working on a led scoreboard and i want to control it wirelessly. I have identified the wifi shield as a suitable candidate for the job because there is a reliable wifi connection throughout my school campus. I have read some posts and article on the device but i am not familiar with some of the technical jargons that were used so all i need i just a basic understanding of how the wifi shield works and how to creat an interface for it.

This is my understanding of the wifi shield : (1) Create the sketch on the wifi shield and attach it to the arduino

As far as controlling it with a web page i am clueless.

please assist

There are examples in the WiFi library folder. Have you looked at them?

Does your school WiFi network allow the right kind of access?

1) put the wifi-shield on the arduino 2) connect the arduino with a usb-cable with your pc 3) download and install the arduino-ide (newest its 1.0.3) 4) in the arduino-ide: - File->example->Wifi->WifiWebServer 5) edit the sketch with your ssid and wlan-password 6) press the arrow in the menu-line to compile and upload the sketch 7) open the serial-monitor to see what happens ... the sketch prints the successful connect to the wlan and its own ip, so that you can point your browser to it.

5minutes in summary, if it works... see my last post from today,140469.0.html