Need BLDC Motor Positional Controller

I am working on a fork-style Altazimuth mount for a small telescope. I need to drive the system using direct-drive hobby BLDC motors (something like: Tiger GB4106 Brushless Gimbal Motor (hollow shaft)). I will be using a hall angle sensor (AS5048A) with an external magnet for absolute position readings in my PID control loop. The rotation speed is very low, the mass is well-balanced, and the positional accuracy has to be about 1 arc-minute.

I need to figure out the kind of driver chip I need to get to that accuracy. One other criteria is that I cannot use something like a SimpleBGC, since I will be working on the firmware (that is my project requirement). The PID control will happen on a controller of my choosing, the driver will have to be connected to that controller.

Any recommendations for such drivers or resources that can help me solve that problem. For background I am student of Computer Science and only understand basic electronics. I am also a CNC machinist, so I am capable of making mechanical things quite easily.

Please help.

Won't work. Use a geared DC motor with encoders.