Need Board design and layout

I have an idea for a product I would like to manufacture and put up on Kickstarter, see if people want it. There are similar ones out there now, but I believe mine will be better and cheaper. I am a software engineer and I have an Alpha version of the software developed and tested (I was able to mock out the hardware). I have no hardware.

I am looking for someone who would be willing to design create the schematic and design my PCB board. I believe it will be a fairly easy job; I need an ATMEL chip, FTDI chip, a few I2C chips (2 that need to be isolated), a few 1-Wire devices and a few Stepper Motor drivers.

I am negotiable with pay, I'm not looking to take advantage of anyone. However, I would strongly prefer some one interested in some sort of royalty agreement. I understand that this would be a high risk proposition for you and would accordingly extend a high risk premium onto your fee.

Please message if you are interested; I know there are many details missing here and I can fill in the missing information in private chat.