Need code and schematics for motion activated audio and motion

I need to hire somebody to write code and provide schematics for a project. I need a PIP sensor to activate a step motor to rotate 340 degrees at 17 rpm. Once the rotation is complete an MP3 should play a short (about 7 seconds) audio clip. I have the below parts plus an Arduino Uno.

I should have gone with a wiper motor, as my existing set up (I did manage to get the motor working) doesn't hold the rotated item (a reasonably lightweight lightsaber hilt) well, so if that's the better way to go I will make another purchase. This is what I have on hand:

And several PIR IR Modules (apparently new users can only post 2 links, but I'm sure these are standard)


I recently did a similar project for @troutt2013 from this post. The project was a bit more complex than this one since it involved limit switches. I suggest you get a NEMA 17 here and change to L298 motor driver available here

We can discuss this further via PM

With all due respect, the L298 motor driver is not the best choice to drive a modern bipolar stepper. The L298 is an ancient and inefficient DC motor driver. A modern stepper driver like the DRV8825 is a much better choice. Though at 2A coil current the DRV8825 will need a heat sink and forced air cooling. Running the motor at a lower coil current, if the situation will allow, will make the driver and motor last longer and run cooler.

@groundFungus I agree with you on the limits of L298, but I think DRV8825
might not be the best choice if @kailoren is a noob. I think he would prefer some inefficiency to having to solder and probably do PCB.

On power, am thinking the specs suggest the motor will be being run at low current anyway.
Anyway that is just my take..

Thanks for additional information, it will help @kailoren make an informed decision

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