need code for nokia 6030 lcd to display characters using arduino uno


sushant_bakhunchhe: i got the nokia 6030 lcd but cannot write the code to display anything. i tried some codes but output is none. the pin description of lcd is below 1 VDDI 2 RESET (active low) 3 SI (serial input) 4.SCL (serial input clock) 5.CS (chip select) 6.VDD 7. no connection 8.GND 9. led- 10. led+ can someone provide me the simple code to display some characters? i connected pin 2,3,4,5 to digital i/o of arduino and others to +5 and gnd as required. also i need to add which type of library for this? please reply

You first need to provide some information.

Where did you obtain this display? Do you have the datasheet for the display? Which arduino board are you using? Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using? which operating system are you using? Linux, MacOSX or Windows.

What research have you done so far?

obtained from old phone only pinouts of lcd arduino uno arduino ide 1.8.5 os windows i am begineer help me with the code if u can