NEED CODE FOR Rfid card reading only to limit of times

Hi guys,

I'M looking for the code in which the rfid reader reads the rfid card to a limit
for example my rfid card should be accessiable only 2 times if i try to access for the third time i need to get the result as unauthorized access.
plz provide me the code i tried to use the mfrc examples but it does not help me to fix this issue


plz provide me the code

This is NOT a free code-writing service.

Ask a moderator to move your post to Gigs and Collaboration, and state how much you are willing to pay.

What you want to do is NOT difficult, but you DO have to engage your brain, and count (and record, obviously) the number of times a specific tag is scanned, and then do something with that count (for that tag) when a given tag is scanned, to control what happens.

And now it seems you've double-posted.