Need Code for typing a Letter.

Hi, I am in need of a coding that will allow a button, when pressed, to type the letter 'g'.

Thank you (FYI I know barely anything about this kind of stuff)

Which Arduino board are you using?

duinotech UNO r3

Although generally a very good choice, that's not the ideal board for this specific application because the primary microcontroller doesn't have native USB support. Much better would be a ATmega32U4 based board such as Leonardo or Pro Micro, which would make this very easy.

The Duinotech Uno R3 does use an ATmega16U2 for the USB-serial chip, which does have the native USB capability so it is possible for you to use the board you have for this purpose but it's a much more complex process. If you decide to go that route I refer you to:

FYI, by posting in this forum section, Gigs and Collaborations, you are indicating you wish to pay someone to do this work for you. Is that correct?

Oh, I didn't realise, my apologies, I do not wish to pay.

We're happy to help for free on this forum but typically we will want to assist you in learning, rather than just handing over a finished product. Some users would prefer to just pay for a finished product and there are forum members who will do this for a reasonable fee so I thought it would be good to be clear on your intentions.

Yeah, I only need this code for a single project and don't really have the time to learn the coding language....

Well my recommendation is to buy an ATmega32U4 based board because to do this with your Uno is probably either going to require a significant amount of learning or paying someone and you don't want to do either.

Okay, thanks for your assistance, I will consider my options and go from there. Thanks again!

Actually, I was looking at the link you sent, does Hood loader allow you to do what I need to do??

As I said before, it's possible to use the ATmega16U2 on your Uno for the keyboard emulation but the installation of HoodLoader and the usage of HID is fairly complex for a beginner. I'm not saying you can't do it and luckily NicoHood has done a lot of the hard work for you and documented it pretty well but it sounds like you're more interested in achieving your goal than the journey to arrive at that goal. Buying the hardware specifically intended for your application is a much smoother road than a complicated hack to make the hardware you already have work.

Okay, I understand now, Thank you