Need coding help for LEDs

We have 2 parallel circuits connected in a series and each parallel is a different color. We need to know how to create a code that will allow the lights to turn on together and each color to turn on/off separately. Here are some pictures of the blue circuit (the red has not been constructed yet).





Op's schematic:

All the other photos are unhelpful photos of a breadboard, although it is satisfying to see the row of LEDs does light up.

Ok, there are a few problems with that schematic. The row of LEDs along the bottom (if viewed with the word "schematic" right-way-up) are backward. The LED symbol is an arrow that tells you which way the current flows.

Second, how many wires are attached to each LED? I bet there aren't 3 wires. So the lines joining the top LEDs to the bottom are wrong. You don't need those parallel wires at all and if you did join across the strip then that will cause problems.

Third, what is the value of the resistor in ohms? What is its power rating?

Fourth, blue LEDs usually require more than 1V to operate so you can't put more than 3 of them in series on a 3.7V battery. How is it really wired?

i’m glad someone else spotted those things!
I’m guessing the OP was fishing for a canned solution.