Need Coding help for Soundscape Project!

Hello gang,

I am a real newbie when it comes to Arduino coding. Building is not as big a problem for me but I need some help with a project I have.

Ultimately, I am trying to get an NFC/RFID Reader (AdaFruit) to Read a tag and start playing a live soundscape through 2 pairs of wireless headphones.

My idea for the signal path is this:

Tag--> NFC/RFID Reader--> Midi Shield --> Motu SoundCard --> Logic Pro --> Moto SoundCard --> Wireless Headphones

Each pair of headphones have a NFC tag attached to them and they both need to independently be able to switch channels when they touch the Readers.

How I envision the programming to be would be to:
For Example, If Tag 1 is at Reader 1, Input 1 in Logic should play
and if Tag 1 then goes to Reader 2, Input 1 will mute and Input 2 should play
If Tag 2 goes to Reader 1, then input 3 will play
And finally,if Tag 2 goes to Reader 2, then input 4 will play.

Because Each Microphone input signal is being bussed (or split) internally in Logic, Input 1 & 3 are the same as are Input 2 & 4.
I've also set up four output channels so the headphones can be stereo but it can be changed to just 2 for mono playback.

How can I program the NFC Hexidecimal value to be interpreted as a Midi code?

I would really recommend any help with sample code or help with it.