Need constant power supplied to sensor

Hi there,

I am using a SEN-11574 (heart rate sensor) with multiple other modules including HC-06, SSD1306, MPU6050 .etc

I need exactly 3.3V supplied to this specific sensor as different voltages effect the outgoing signal(I do not care about the others as long as they are in their supply ranges). I have all these modules wired to the 3.3 V pin on my UNO but I noticed that the voltage varies alot due to the turning off/on of other modules or switching modes.

Is there anyway to supply this constant voltage while operating the other modules.

Note : Some possible solutions include LDO's, buck converters.etc but am not sure which is best

That sensor will run from 3 to 5V BTW.

An LDO will give a clean voltage rail, which is best as this is an analog sensor.


I am aware of that, but the output will vary depending on the voltage.

So I am guessing LDO is the best?

Could I use something already on the Arduino such as PWM?

A PWM pin followed by a low pass filter would not be able to power anything.
Use a regulator which is specifically designed to hold a steady output voltage into a varying load.

Signals are signals, power is power, don't confuse the two!