Need controller for 5 axis CNC

Hi, so I built this small desk top 5 axis CNC and now I need to send gcode to it and control it. My CNC has XYZ linear axis and A B rotary axis and 7 NEMA 17 stepper motors. The A and B axis are driven by a dual stepper motor configuration using timing belts and 8:1 ratio while the XYZ axis are conventional lead screw configuration. Can someone advise me as to what I need to run it?

Unless you want to use Mach3, (buy a licence), LinuxCNC is probably your best bet. You now need a computer with a parallel port (you can pick one up on ebay for fairly cheap), a controller board such as this one, and controllers for your stepper motors. Not really an arduino job btw.

I have mach3 actually and Mastercam. I'm just not sure about which controller boards are best suited for my type of CNC setup.

Then the board I linked would work. You’d still need controllers for the motors and of course a PC with a serial port. Other than that, you should be set.