Need diode or bridge w/relay for aquarium pump?

Hello everyone,
I’m working on a project where I need to control an aquarium pump on/off with the arduino. I was just going to build a GFI outlet controlled by a relay from a Sparkfun tutorial. Then I started thinking, since the pump is basically a motor, probably AC although I don’t know for sure ,there is no dc converter on the plug, do I need anything else to control it so I don’t ruin anything? I’m hoping a diode or H-bridge would work if anything is needed, I’m just not sure exactly how to hook it up. If anyone has some insight to this problem I’d sure like some specifics. It’s for a project my wife is working on, and I know I’d make her very happy if I can figure this out. THANKS!


No you need to control the mains if your motor plugs into the mains. Use a Solid State Relay SSR for this. You can drive this SSR direct from an arduino pin.

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