Need driver for SparkFun ProMicro 5V

Under Win 7 / 64 Device Manager recognises under Other Devices a device ProMicro 5V but the driver is no good.

Strange, but I could not find on the SparkFun site a link to the driver.

Googling, I found at following site has what appears to be a driver “SparkFun ProMicro.inf” which is accompanied by a readme file.

This driver file will not install from Device Manager although I browse and point directly to the folder.

Is there a problem with this driver?

readme.txt (6.42 KB)

Fixed by finding later driver as attached.

In fairness to SparkFun the Leonardo I’m using although labelled SparkFun is off ebay from Hong Kong say may be a clone for approx $5 so may require this different / later driver.

Successfully connected and downloaded blink (using led on RX Led Pin 17) and works well.

As a matter of interest I tried this board after continual frustration using Pro Mini boards with external FTDI interface with the reset problem when downloading.

Regards all

SparkFun ProMicro.inf (3.88 KB)

Found later valuable info here: