Need Eagle 6.1 Help

I did a design in Eagle 6.1, now I can't get it to run the CAM processor with the iteadstudio's .cam file, eagle just crashes out.
And I can't go back to a prior eagle version without redoing the design.
Anybody else having this problem?

The iteadstudio zipped files (.rar) are located at the bottom of this page

I thought I could just copy the files I had been using in Eagle 5.11, copying them into the 6.1 folders, its not working.
Unzipping new versions is not working, same eagle crash.


Seems to be an Eagle 6.1 problem. Same file opens okay in 6.0 and the same iteadstudio .cam file works there.

yup just tried it with 6.1 - wipeout!
6.0 works fine

sounds like a job for eagle-support-man