need experienced builder $$$

I have a Project I would like to have done with an arduino or similar pcb board, I don't have any experience with programing or arduino boards as of yet so I would like to pay someone build the prototype, I can wire my sensors and build housing's just need the basic unit working details Unit will be used on my freestyle jet ski

navigable menu with external push buttons oled display 2-3 temperature sensors with on screen high temp warning max temperature memory fuel level with low level warning, I can get 100-500 ohm sending unit HRS meter RPM display Voltage, programmable low voltage warning possibly speed on water

I would like to get something similar to this built but with programmable warnings and no highway stuff

Please point me in the right direction or give me an idea on what a fair cost would be, I would like to get this going then learn how to do it myself at my own pace. I also have some other projects I would like done if this one works out

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Excluding the cost of parts, you're probably looking at a couple thousand dollars in labor. Most people here make good money I'd imagine; their time isn't cheap, and projects like this are constantly having the requirements change. Honestly you'd be better off just learning how to do it yourself and asking questions along the way.

Getting the requirements right (so the do not creep anymore) 40 hours.

e.g. "navigable menu with external push buttons " How much items are in the menu/submenus? What should the GUI looks like? how many different screens are there? What is the logic of the navigation? are there exclusions etc. How many buttons? What is meant by external? wired, wireless, switches, rotation knobs, ...

as you see every line raises questions at almost every word, ....

Building a prototype depends on the requirements ....

I do not want to interface with any existing electronics. I would like to have the unit built and bench tested with the temp sensors. I assume voltage and hrs will not need any testing on the ski, they seems like fairly simple universal inputs that should work with any 12v system. As for RPM I need to do a little research on that but all of the of the shelf RPM gauges seem to be universal as far as engines and input goes so that should not need to be calibrated to a specific engine. I am set on a micro display preferably oled like the one I attached pictures of

as for programing buttons and menus I would just need to cycle thru menu- Temp1, temp2, rpm, hrs, volts, fuel, and have the ability to set the temp alarms maybe just use the oled display as a flasher and eliminate any external leds

I am interested in doing this project with the hopes of being able to reproduce them myself once everything is figured out by copying and pasting programming coding, building the housings, soldering up the wiring and waterproof plugs. I really just need a functional bench prototype to duplicate. Im not planning on any commercial marketing of them but I would like to post them on the freestyle ski forum and be able to reproduce them as needed, there is not a big market for this type of item but I do think I will be able to sell some of them to fellow riders. I understand the first one might run into some money but if I can reproduce them later for under $250 in hardware and sensors it would be worth it. Almost all freestyle skis are two cylinder 2 strokes with no electronics.

I will have to figure out what fittings I will need with sensors but hoping that I can find temp sensors with different fittings or end types that work on the same ohm loop for other builds

I was thinking something like this -

I attached a few pics of the store bought motorcycle units display but it doesn't have any warnings, I plan on machining aluminum waterproof housings for the oled displays

Thanks Chris 850-238-6483 I can email pics of that would help my personal email-

If Rob has not picked this up drop me a PM and we can chat about it. It is not too far away from several other developments/projects I have completed for other clients.

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Cheers Pete.