Need expert advice on embedded system!

Hi guys,
Hope you all doing well.

I want to start a business by solving small problems of day by day life routine.
To the Point: I made a Arduino project which is a device gives you time, weather, etc...(20 pins required ---> 17 is I/O, 1 is 5v, 1 is 3.3v & GND)
but I don't know how to convert my Arduino project into a chip as a embedded system and how to make it cost effective?

please help me, how to do it?

  1. any suggestions, should I use Arduino as embedded system or any other best solution!...

Thank you

You should read most of the articles on this page before you decide to proceed:
Compatible Products – Arduino Help Center
There are legal issues that you should consider.

But to make a PCB with all of your stuff on it you can start by learning KiCAD:
KiCad EDA - Schematic Capture & PCB Design Software
I'm just learning it myself.

You'll also need to understand the Uno's schematic:

Like you want to put all this on one chip?


You want to make something like we all carry around with us already, but somehow yours will be better.


With several years of experience you should know how to do it, but if you cannot wait, your business should emply a professional engineer .........

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