Need good OSHW electronics/ideas for new Crowdfunding and Groupbuy site

Hello, my name is Michael and I recently started a crowdfunding/group buying site called Fund-A-Order. The site is different from other sites in that it has no % fees, guarantees production, and offers shipping and fulfillment services.

We can help OSHW creators earn more for their funding projects without risk because we can get items directly from electronic manufacturers in China and do international shipping and fulfillment at rates that are likely cheaper than anybody else.

As a novice to open source, I'm here to sincerely request the Arduino's community's advice :

  1. What OSHW products would you like to see on our site?

  2. If you're a OSHW creator would you consider posting your project on our site - why or why not?

We currently have one open source shield posted on our site, but would like to add more.

Also, we are thinking about linking some products on our site to charities so people can pledge and if the campaign is a success have the products directly sent to a charity on their behalf.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, though I'm new to this community, I'm a fan of open source and renewable energy and want to do more to benefit creators.

VLSI Solutions in Finland has really nice audio modules but good prices don't start until 100+ quantity and when buying just a few the shipping is required overnight which doubles the price.

I wasn't able to swing a 100 count deal a couple of years ago when I wanted to try a group buy.

What at 100 was US$7 each (not including shipping) turned into US$50 each with shipping. :sob:

A dependable, easy to use, cheaper than $20 MP3 module (VLSI is OGG and WAV) should get interest, but check and make sure the things work because we already have many gotcha-modules.