Need gsm/gprs/gsm model advice

I'm interested in making an IoT project using cellular. I was thinking sms based control.

I'm looking for a shield unit that has good 3g/4g compatiblity and will have good signal strength everywhere.

I've read some units only support 2g.

Can you recommend a shield?

Went with Waveshare Arduino UNO Plus (configurable via jumper to 3V3) and Waveshare gsm/gps shield.

Considering Telna here for network, looks like they run t-mobile towers? It’s pretty reasonably priced.

I also picked up a Arduino Mega, and parts to do a 3.3v conversion on it. We’ll see how that goes.

Any thoughts?

Ended up picking up a waveshare unit, which burned out immediately upon plugging it in to the vendor provided power supply. Go figure.

Backup is a Arduino official GSM Shield, which is of course back-ordered.

More to come.

Set up Telna service, just need something to plug it into. T-Mobile service in my area was terrible when I moved into my house, so we'll see if they've fixed it since then. I believe Telna uses their own ? and T-Mobile towers in the back-end. But man they're cheap.