need guidance about using a water pump


I'm a beginner, tried to find online resources first but I'm a bit stuck.

I'd like to trigger a brushless DC pump based on a timer.
I'm not too worried about the coding side of things however I feel stuck when it comes to connect the pump to my arduino.

Pump characteristics are the following:

model: QR30E
Input 12V 4,2W

I would appreciate any pointers or advices you'd have on this topic.


You could use a solid state relay:

The pump has no other wires except power. As it draws too much power to be controlled directly by an Arduino, you will need to source a relay with a coil that can be directly activated by an Arduino, meaning coil actuation at 5 volts at less than 20 mA. If this is not possible, you may need to source a MOSFET that can control the relay coil that can be controlled by the Arduino directly.

Thanks guys for your help.

So if I understand correctly I will send 12v to my relay from an external power supply, then my arduino will trigger the relay to be turned on or off with the 5V control signal.

I have one relay at home with the following characteristics:

Trigger mode: High level
5V relay module
5V - 12V TTL control signal
Can control DC or AC signal, also 220V AC load
Normally open / closed contact
Power indicator
Controlled lights bright when pull and not shine when disconnect
Increase the transistor drive relay coils, control pins high impedance
Control pins have pull down circuit to prevent malfunction of relay vacant

I found an interesting tutorial here that I'm going to follow:

Thanks for your help

Wht not use a proper logic MOSFET that powers the pump directly?

I'd be open to consider using a MOSFET but I'm not sure about the pros and cons versus using a relay

A logic MOSFET needs almost no current to work. It is a very small and simple switch to use. Remember an eventual free wheel diode in case of an inductive pump.
Relays needs current, often more than an Arduino can handle, when they are mechanical. Solid state relays needs only a little I suppose.

A solid state relay is basically a MOSFET with supporting electronics such as a gate driver (they're usually designed for much higher currents, so have beefy MOSFETs to match).

A simple logic level MOSFET like the IRLZ44N will do great (and that one is pretty oversized actually).