Need guidance on RGB led strip controlled by accelerometer project

So the subject pretty much sums it up but I have been hitting a wall on this new project. I'm learning as I go so please excuse my lack of some basics I may have missed

I'm basically at the zero point now. I have rgb strip and neopixels depending on what will end up being the easiest in the long run. I'm just having trouble finding code that I can reverse engineer so to speak.

My end goal is to have the leds change color with the motion of the mpu6050 I'm using. Any help would be most appreciated

Hi and welcome.

The mpu6050 is both an accelerometer and gyroscope. The gyroscope senses movement. The accelerometer senses orientation. So you have 6 output readings, all of which can be positive or negative. Which do you want to use, and what colour scheme to represent the range of values?

A good place to start would be one of the example sketches for the mpu. Have you got those working yet? Then combine in the key lines of code from the neopixel example sketches.