Need guidance on specific components needed to build motor drive circuits

Quick personal introduction of myself and my knowledge and capabilities.

Im new to arduino this is my first project. I dont have a alot of knowledge on circuits and whatnot, but am a quick learner. Im a welder by trade, but pretty much a jack of all trades. so mechanically my brain is sharp. the mechanical side of this project is complete as far as r&d goes.

What I need assistance with is the arduino side of things.

My project is a remote controlled snowblower. I live in canada, we get alot of snow.

My dreaming vision is to go to the garage, push the snow blower outside, fire it up, and then go back inside turn my controller on and sit in the window up stairs which over looks my drive way, and clear snow in the warmth.

As the design goes, NOTE all motors will be paired to a 10k POT for encoding position. each motor will be a large "SERVO" I will have: 4 DC window motors from a Ford Taurus -controlling steering -auger operation -engaging and disengaging the drive wheels of the snowblower(these wheels are driven by the engine of the snowblower itself) note the snowblower will NOT be driven by any electric motors. ** -controlling the speeds and direction (forward reverse)

The steering will be one window motor centred between two wheels that will pivot just shy of 180 degrees simultaneously. there will be a 10k Pot that will be fixed to a pulley centred between wheels that will have a cable attached to it leading to each wheel. This will be how I encode where the wheels are at any given time to use the window motor as a large servo. -This motor is 12v it runs at about 3-4 amps and stall current I dont know but it doesnt matter because its no where near 30amps. -The driver Im using to run this motor is "VNH2SP30 14A(30A peak) PWM to 20khz" NOTE this this what the label says from the store i purchased my driver. Ive searched it online and it seems to come up as the larger version that runs 2 DC motors but the board i have only runs 1 single dc motor.

The auger control, drive control, and direction and speed control will be 3 separate 12v DC window motors identical to the steering motors. each motor will be paired to a 10k POT for encoding

each motor will be paired to the same style motor driver as previously mentioned above in the steering section (total of 4 motors, total of 4 individual motor drivers.)

Im running Arduino Mega.

power supply will be 2x 12v car batteries onboard the snowblower.

My dreaming vision for the remote controller would be to use a ps3 controller but after hours of reading online it seems its a big pain the rear. so scrap that idea..

I now plan to use a off the shelf transmitter receiver package with 2 joysticks and afew other options for controls. (i have not looked into exactly what remote controller im going to use yet. if anyone has any suggestions let me know.)

So what im looking to know is A-Z what I need in terms of capacitors resistors diodes logic level converters. also how I should wire everything in.

I could keep typing with amillion other questions and details but lets start with this and go from there

Short ago a member asked about controlling an autonomous lawn mover. Why not make Your snow moover autonomous? I am joking! Snow is heavy. Living in Sweden I know, and You know, living in Canada. Will You have power and grip enough for the propulsion? Lots of power calls for heavy relays/controller boards. Split Your project into communication, the remote control, its range and other features, and the wheel control. You probably want to lift and rotate the bladeā€¦.

Try to master your motor types one by one. Come back with specific questions, 1-2 lines preferred ;-)

the drive wheels wont be atall connected to the arduino. the snowblower drives its self off the motor. one of my window motors acting as a servo will pull the cable that engages the drive wheels on the snowblower.

all Im looking for is,

guidance on wiring my MEGA to the motor driver h bridge board "VNH2SP30 14A(30A peak) PWM to 20khz" I will have a 10k pot fixed to the output shaft of my 12v dc window motor. the motor is a worm gear reduction.

how do i wire the pot to the arduino mega, and then the mega to the motor driver board thru PWM "VNH2SP30 14A(30A peak) PWM to 20khz" and then the driver board to the motor( obviously 2 wires but will I need any capacitors, resistors, or diodes?) if so what would be the specs on them?

I will worry about controller later. at the moment I want to retrofit the pot to the motor and have it all connected and run some code to see it work. once I see it working I can then fabricate the parts needed to mount the motor and pull on cables that come from the snowblower.

Please provide a data sheet for the H-bridge board. In general you'll have to spend one PWM output for each motor, and one digital output for the direction.

Search for DIY servo motor circuits and code. Attach a suitable H-bridge driver to the motor, make the pot a voltage divider for the reference voltage of your Arduino (5V?), and implement a PID regulator that drives the motor to the intended position.

here is the data sheet for the motor driver

See the 3. Application Information section for recommended circuits, and Figure 38 for PCB layouts.