Need guidance- Take small photo with arduino, ID numbers in photo, Store numbers

Hello all,
I would like to create a device that scans the number on the bottom of a Yugioh card and accesses the picture of the card from a numbered database. Each card has a specific number on the bottom left of a card. I do not need to scan the entire card I only need to take a picture of the card and recognize the number. I was wondering if something like this is possible and what components I should be looking for to make this happen. Thank you for your time!

Use the forum Google search function in the upper right of this page to search for the key words of your project. You will probably find many similar previous project discussions and code to get you started.

Wow, 2 posts in a day that I recommend the Raspberry Pi.

You could do it on an Arduino, but it would be a lot of work. At the end you would be an Arduino Jedi Master. And older.

Adrian at PyImageSearch has done something very similar to your project, scanning and reading bank check numbers: Tutorial- Bank check OCR with OpenCV and Python .

I doubt this is even possible on an Arduino... Image recognition, database lookup: that's more of an RPi type of job.

google esp32 cam

This may be a start, it has a camera, not sure of close focus though, haven't played enough with my unit.
Or as suggested, Rasp Pi.

Tom... :slight_smile: