Need Guidance- Using #define , Map in Delay

Hi, The potentiometer is connected to Analog pin 1 and i want the readings between 0 and 10 , so using map function using the #define:

define INTERVAL_TIME map((analogRead(A1), 0, 1023, 0, 10));

Now in certain part of my program i want to use this INTERVAL_TIME inside the delay i.e. delay(INTERVAL_TIME*60*1000);

but compiler show me error "at this point in file". What i am doing wrong here?

Semicolon in #define Lose it

AWOL, Bravo...just removed the ";" from define but but i am still getting the same error at delay line. Thank you for the continuous help and support in this forum.

Too many brackets?

I just removed the one extra "(" around the map and its working fine now. thank you for pointing. You saved my day :D